Sure Natural Ways To Boost Collagen And Retain It For A Flawless Skin

How To Keep The Skin Looking Younger For Longer
Best and Natural Ways To Boost And Retain Collagen In The Skin

Interested in knowing the sure and natural ways to boost collagen and retain it for a flawless skin?

then, join me as I walk you through with this post.

Naturally collagen production declines as we continue to age, from mid twenties and this is the more reason why you must take conscious effort to learn the sure natural ways to boost collagen and retain it for your skin to remain flawless for longer.

The Benefits Of Collagen To The Skin

Collagen synthesis is one important protein in the body, majorly found especially in our bones, skin and the muscles etc and it is responsible for dead cell renewal of the skin.

Collagen promotes the elasticity of the skin, it helps to prevent wrinkle and fine lines, slows down aging process and ultimately gives the skin the smooth, soft and supple feel.


This is why, when there is collagen breakdown which usually occurs from our early twenties, the skin becomes sag, sometimes over stretched, wrinkled, the bones becomes weaker and several other related issues occurs to the body.


You must as well know that, the decrease in production and break down in the collagen level in the body is usually as a result of a number of factors e.g

  • Environmental damages that our bodies get exposed to consistently
  • Our lifestyle
  • Wrong choice of skincare products/routine
  • Crappy diet and a lot more


However, aside the conventional ways that people use to restore skin elasticity and keep the skin looking younger which are usually unsafe or ineffective e. g taking fillers, pills, botox injections or even tropical application of collagen creams

The following are sure, effective and natural ways to avoid breakdown, retain and boost collagen in the body to help make the skin flawless and firm for a long time.

  1.  Eat more of fruits and vegetables especially the leafy green family that are so high in Vitamin A and C e. g Spinach and orange colored veggie like carrot which is high in vitamin A
  2. Eat plant based protein sources like beans and also sea foods.
  3.  Also, the regular use of natural oils that contains high level of antioxidants e. g, Rosehip oil, Avocado oil and Vit E oil etc will in a great way protect and stimulate the collagen production rate of our skin.


I will not end this post without emphasizing that,  it is not enough to always exfoliate your dead skin cells, you must put in more effort to boost and retain collagen in your body in more natural ways than focusing on using collagen creams tropically (with large molecules) which most times don’t penetrate beyond the skin surface.

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