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Life’s Difficult Routes Most Times Leads to Beautiful Destinations

Difficult Routes Most Time leads to Beautiful Destination

My journey into motherhood has taught me so many life lessons.

The aspect that inspires me most any time I see my children running around, when I look back at those days when my kids were still babies.


I remember that learning how to walk is a very unique stage that is fun and at the same time challenging

Watching them try to learn how to take their first steps and in the process fall severally, probably get injured and still get up instantly for a fresh new attempt without giving up until they can master the act of walking, has always been an inspiration

This of course was a bit challenging for each of them ( with their peculiarities) just like every other baby.


This stage takes so much courage and resilience, especially for some babies who are always afraid and careful, who might not want to take the risk of falling as often as others (just like my second baby who took her well over a year before she could walk properly and that made me decided then to give her a sitting room version of her 1st birthday instead of the usual outdoor 1st birthday we gave my first child, who was already walking confidently by 11th month).

I know better now though, lols.


However, the beauty of it eventually is that, they all learnt and mastered the art of walking irrespective of how long it took.

For some babies, they become perfect before age 1 and for others a little longer while there are some, who their mothers will be so scared and might even be at the edge losing hope of them walking, like every other babies especially when they watch other babies who are of the same age bracket with theirs walking or running around.

But guess what?

However long it takes, those babies still actually get to walk despite our fears as parents.

Here is my point for going the Memory Lane. ……

You hardly can succeed if you are an expert in avoiding the challenges of life.


When you are faced with life challenges especially in home based business journey and you decide to walk through it, you have the chances of learning great lessons and if you decided not to quit in that process,

2 things are bound to happen to you:

  1.  You end up becoming a better version of who you are originally, and
  2. You become an expert who can write a beautiful version of that chapter ( your experience) of the “book called life”


But, if you decides to chicken out at every single chance you have to learn and improve through facing your challenges head on, you have simply signed to become a spectator or a cheerleader to your mates or even a subordinate and that leads to the worst scenario

“frustrations” and i guess you wont want that for yourself.



I am challenging you today to brace up and be ready to navigate “your route” , difficult or not and that will probably be the best service you will render to yourself in this life.

Guess you are a little fired up by this post?

Let me know how this makes you feel in the comment section below this post.

I Wish you luck!


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