I help stay-at-home Mums, working ladies and young female graduates/undergraduates to start and grow a profitable business, achieve success faster so that they can start living the lifestyle of their dream.

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Margaret Kehinde AkandeHave you ever been confused, felt stocked and wanted more out of life? Have you ever desired a positive change in your life so badly that you wonder on a daily basis if there is still something big out there for you?

I was just like you back then in 2011. I was clueless about what kind of business to do to make my dreams become reality faster.

Before then, I worked 9-5 job shortly after graduating from school. I can tell it is indescribable how it sucks during that short time of being an employee. Every morning, I would woke up very early to prepare and resume at a job where I was paid just a fraction of what I am worth.

All of that was just to help build someone else’s dream without any hope of retiring early or rich.

Shortly, I realized that for my life to be meaningful enough to live the kind of life I had wanted for myself, I don’t belong in that office. This made me think of ways to resign so that I can go out in search of my passion and  I can build my dream lifestyle on the long run.

Before the middle of 2012, my thought pattern changed completely. I got my first real life exposure to entrepreneurship. It was a total reformatting of everything I ever knew as an employee.

I discovered it will only take consistency and hard work of between 5-10 years or even less for one to break even in the Network Marketing industry, and even much lesser with starting a  home-based business as against working minimum of 30years at regular jobs with tendency of retiring poor and frustrated.

That gave me the motivation I needed to take the bold step, and I began to work on myself through personal development.

I read so many books along the line but one book I read in 2013, titled, WHY “A” STUDENTS WORK FOR “C” STUDENTS by Robert Kiyosaki finally opened my eyes. How I wish I had access to the information in that book while I was still an undergraduate, where our mindsets were only prepared to work for someone else (employer) for the most active part of our years. What a flawed school system… so sad!

In 2012, I was introduced to multilevel marketing for the first time. I was excited about the business and the model, I was impressed by how easy it can be for me to be financially free within a short time so that I won’t have to work at a job that sucks for hours daily with irregular salary payment anymore but I didn’t succeed as I had wanted with the company then because of my inexperience in the field and unfriendly compensation plan for consultants though blamed majorly on franchise issues.

I tried out something different in between, I started an Home-based business,  got trained as a Skincare Therapist and a Natural Skincare Formulator and my other brand, Awele Body Cares was birthed, running this business purely from  the four walls of my house. With this, I had no idle time whenever I am not working on my Network Marketing business. I was able to achieve more in my skincare business because I developed myself to a point where I now have a couple of skincare products to my personal brand, which were (and still) doing so well and, of course, I could afford to pay my bills from what I was making on my products.

Female internet marketers in Nigeria

But then, I had so many challenges as a startup. I had a limited capital which made pushing my products into the Nigerian market a hard one on a larger scale. How about all the crazy Government policies? From NAFDAC issues, to tax and a lot of other weighty business overhead facing new entrepreneurs in the Nigerian Market.

In between working on my personal business on a low scale, part-time and trying to understand the secrets of Multilevel Marketing success, I discovered something amazing which is not so usual with regular businesses.

The fact that I got paid monthly in my MLM business even when I’m on a time off from work for one reason or the other was and still  an exciting experience. This is no magic. It is simply because you can leverage on the efforts of your team. That was something I hardly enjoy as an employee nor with my small scale skincare business. Before then, money stops coming when I don’t work. This was what actually made me understand the real meaning of “RESIDUAL INCOME” and its benefits.

So, I intensified my search for a company with most suitable products and friendly compensation plan for its partners and in the process, I discovered that there are a whole lot of them out there that are ready to help build your dream faster.

I still practice my Skincare business till date, coach people on starting and running small scale business part-time and I creatively run it with Multi-Level Marketing business. I give more focus to my MLM business, where I leverage on divers products and tools in a way I will never have to worry about Government policies and tax anymore while building an international business that earns me 6- 7 figures monthly, all-expense paid international trips, time freedom, etc.

Leveraging on the internet has helped my home-based businesses to grow tremendously, I now easily reach out to more people of like minds. Online marketing so far has helped me to be able to build an online team  and customers, some of who I have never met physically but are today wonderful business partners in my MLM business and returning customers for my home-based skincare business. I also enjoy more leverage from not having to conduct so much of one-on-one physical presentation anymore for prospects.

Learning to make use of the social media and the internet for my businesses has become my biggest home-based business asset. A mix of both the offline and online system has helped me to achieve better results.

Today, in my 30’s, I have time freedom (which is not what everyone has) doing what I love and enjoy doing, working very hard (for just 3-4hrs daily) and can’t trade the joy and fulfillment I have now for anything.

I work a home-based business that has grown tremendously and run a multi-level marketing business, where I earn residual income that grows consistently “without limits”.

Life now has more meaning to me because I can now work when and where I choose, travel when I want, I now have more time with my family as a wife and a Mom of 3 lovely children, I am enjoying a lifestyle I have always dreamed of from childhood.

So, it is indeed nice meeting you my new friend and it will be an honour for me to know how I can help add value to your own life or business so as for you to grow at your desired pace in life.





Magkenny is a certified skincare therapist, a network marketing coach, wife and mother of 3, and a highly celebrated a home-based business coach to women.
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