3 Surefire Ways To Create Duplication Like A Pro In Your Networking Business.

                                     Duplication in Network Marketing
It is already a known and established fact that, duplication is an important secret of the most successful/leaders in the network marketing field and it is one if the cornerstone of networking business till date.
The 3 key ingredients mentioned in this blog post will help you build a huge business that will keep duplicating and growing consistently with or without you.
Which means, you must be able to teach people in your line how to generate leads, sign up prospects and sell your company’s products.
When starting your networking business and building a team to work with, it is crucial to always consider ways to build what will duplicate and not what will only work.
An action plan or daily method of operation must be created by you as a leader which your team will work with to help your team easily duplicate the success you are creating.
In essence, the way your company is programmed and how simple the system is will determine the duplication rate of your team members.

Put System in Place

The system should be so simple such that, even a lame man can learn, implement and be able to use it as a tool for teaching others.

The following are the 3 trusted ways to create duplication massively in your networking business

1. Be a product of your product-. This means you must be able to use and have the experience of the product you are trying to sell to others.
Your personal experience will make people trust you better and help you to sell confidently to prospects. You can not expect miracles to happen in your sales when you only intend to keep selling based on the experiences of others. Be a user of your product, if you believe you can’t afford it, how will you believe other people can.
2.Be smart enough to leverage on your company tools: use company tools to create duplication fast. This is where so many network marketers are getting it wrong by abandoning the company sales tools to create their own short cuts. For every company, there is a tool designed to help you build and sell faster, make use of it, teach your team to use the tools and don’t be too over confident in your abilities.
3. Share the story with enthusiasm– be ready to always share the business story with people one on one or through group presentations.
This is the only way for people to get to understand what you are trying to sell to them. Teach your team how to talk about your company to others on a daily basis because that is where the money will come in. Prospecting is important to create duplication in your multi level marketing business.


The better you become at using and teaching your team to use specific systems to create duplication in your home based
business the faster you will grow.