Best Ways To Always Be A Part Of The Process And Get Fast Result In Your Business.

Being Fully Involved Is A Great Ingredient To Your Business
Have you ever wondered how successful business owners achieve faster result especially in skincare business? Or have you thought of how true it is that it is easy to achieve success in building a home based business by simply being a part of the process
I recommend reading this post to the end and you will be shocked at your discovery about how being an active part of the process can help your business growth.

First Thing Is

Owning a business can be such an interesting and beautiful thing at the same time. However, you can mess things up for yourself out of negligence, nonchalance attitude and forming levels as the CEO when you fail to roll up your sleeves, get to work and be a part of the daily running of your business.
Listen,  business requires loyalty and a lot of commitment. If you are not ready to inconvenience yourself, get your hands and cloths dirty, be available especially at the initial stage when your skincare business is still budding, then I beg of you don’t bother starting the business at all.

The Social Media Is Lying To You

Forget the way social media present becoming an entrepreneur to you, forget the titles, the business cards, the logos, the email, the website and all of that, it requires so much more, part of which are listed below:
    • Your Sweat
    • Your sleep
    • Your time
    • Your money and 
    • sometimes things that matters so much to you.
All these in a bid to put  the business in motion successfully till it can start running conveniently run on its own resources.

Why It Wont Work That Way.

So thinking you can always eat your cake and have it in the name of delegating especially when the fund is there as cover up is not going to yield expected results.
The thing is, your business needs not only your Manager, your PA, HR, the Accountant  or the poor logistic guy but that business most importantly needs you.

Here Is Why

Your presence is very crucial to the success of that business and your presence is not only needed at weekends or month end when its time to account for the profit made or spend the money.  To some people, that’s what being the CEO of a business is all about.
Sadly, this is why many so called business owners abuse delegation to the point of shooting themselves in the leg eventually and ruining what they have slaved for years to build. Imagine a scenario where the owner of a business no longer have an idea where the ingredients are coming from, know about his suppliers or where the containers are been shipped from etc
Such business owner ends up frustrated and stuck the moment any employee who is in charge of these sensitive aspect of their business has to leave for a reason or the other and if care is not taken at such points, that might be the beginning of the end of such a business….. too bad!
 The formulation process, packaging choice, marketing, deciding on logistics, quality control, hiring and several other processing activities needs at least your vetting.
This is not to say that you have to continue to do everything yourself, that’s far from my point, but your little initial participation in all of these processes will help you have a firm grip on those you delegate to and how things are being run so that they can work in line with the ideas you conceived from the onset.

In Conclusion

You have a huge role to play in running your business successfully and fast to begin with and you must put in the time, energy and resources as the business owner. No one can understand your vision for your business more than you do. and this is why, Personally,  there are things I would rather do myself than have someone else mess up my sweat.
 That is called constantly being a part of the process. It is a mindset issue and it starts from understanding this tiny little ideas from the word go
I hope you find this helpful, kindly share in the comment section if you have anything to add to this topic that is not mentioned in the post


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