I help stay-at-home Mums, working ladies and young female graduates/undergraduates to start and grow a profitable business, achieve success faster so that they can start living the lifestyle of their dream.

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Top female network marketer and skincare therapist Nigeria

Are you a stay-at-home Mom, a working class lady looking for a side business, a young female graduate or undergraduate desirous to start making money?

If yes, I’m here for you.

I can’t afford to be the only one that knows this 7-figures income secret, so I welcome you to work with me and my partners in this network marketing company.

If you are desiring to become an independent entrepreneur and a boss of your own who works from home, or probably your desire is that I personally coach you in home based business and marketing, this is the best spot for you.

I have been exposed to so many products, courses, different kinds of opportunities and divers compensation plans for many years now as a result of my experience in multilevel marketing since year 2011

It’s important that you know this… I choose the company I’m working with now based on the following facts which I consider have been contributory to my success.

  • This is a reputable company that has been stable for a considerable number of years
  • This is a company that has a system that one can easily can leverage on and duplicate with ease
  • This company have products that I have bought and will still buy even without a compensation plan
  • The company has numerous products for everyone which can be promoted both online and offline.
  • Most importantly, I choose this company and their products because they have proven to me overtime that they have what it takes to enhance my personal brand.

Although, I am not certain if the things on my own list which I consider important to my personal brand are as important to you as they are to me. But generally, I’d advise you partner with a company with a system that suits “YOU” when you are in search of a business you can run from home.

As your coach, my advice is that you have to be sure what you have on your list are things you are highly passionate about.

As for me, my past experience was like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole.

Founder of Awele Coconut oil

It was a struggle for me initially during my early years in network marketing because of my choice of company but along the line, I realized it will continue to be a struggle just like you are experiencing right now if I did not take action because I was not so passionate about the company’s products on the ground that those products did not suit “ME”.

The struggle lasted until I discovered the basic secret of this profession; that is, finding a company that have products one is very passionate about.

Just this secret alone has saved me millions of naira worth of stress in this industry. No doubt, it’s one more basic reason why I have been so successful with my new company.

I have also learnt that to succeed in this field, everyone is not meant to be in my team. Hence, I don’t work with everyone.

You will make a good team member of mine if

  • You are hungry for success and can play big
  • You are dependable and have, “No excuse mentality”
  • You are Reliable and Coachable
  • You have a winning and team spirit.

My team is being driven by an unquenchable desire to succeed no matter what. We have strong desire to influence so many lives positively. This is what we have proven by ensuring that all dreams of financial freedom and desired lifestyle become reality.

As a stay-at-home Mom, working class lady looking for a side business that won’t interfere with your current job or young female undergraduate/graduate looking forward to starting a business that’s guaranteed to succeed, (cos we all work as a team) working with me is one decision you will wake up every day and remain grateful to God for.

If you are ready to build the lifestyle of your dreams faster, fill the form below and we will get you started.

You will get an email from me if all the available slot for this month has not been taken.




Magkenny is a certified skincare therapist, a network marketing coach, wife and mother of 3, and a highly celebrated a home-based business coach to women.
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  • Magkenny is a home-based business expert who is genuinely committed to helping smart individuals (that has chosen to wake up to reality) build a business that have endless possibilities to create wealth.

  • Magkenny is a successful entrepreneur who has motivated and encouraged many to be their own boss. Since I met her online, my dream of being a successful businessman has become a reality. I am optimistic many will find her posts, coaching class, books and other intellectual materials useful, especially those that are positive minded and desire to be successful in their dream business.

  • Inspiring! Practical advice from a practical personnel whose goal is to help individuals achieve the success they want. Since I came to know Magkenny, she's so great at empowering, connecting, training, inspiring, promoting, celebrating and supporting people to achieve their business goals.


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